Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft
Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft

IT specialist

(application development/system integration)

IT specialists

Vocational training at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH offers you an insight into one of the region’s most exciting working environments. As part of your training, you will become familiar with IT department at a European capital city airport. We will show you the basics of computer centre operations and network technology, virtual server landscapes and a variety of specialist applications. These form the basis for safe and smooth flight operations at our airport.

  • secondary school leaving certificate or vocational extension certificate higher education entrance qualification,
  • good academic performance, especially in mathematics and computer science and good knowledge of German and English,
  • manual skill and analytical thinking skills and understanding of technical correlations,
  • enjoy working with computers and networks,
  • enjoy contributing to and communicating IT problem solving.

  • vocational training in which you can contribute your enthusiasm for information and communication technology, 
  • to become familiar with and operate complex IT systems,
  • to demonstrate your logical thinking skills,
  • to evaluate new technologies and help introduce them, 
  • to be part of a diverse team,
  • to be taken on after successful training if you perform very well?

The application period is from 1 August to 31 October (training starts on 1 August of the following year).

Your training will last 3 years (if you perform very well, it can be shortened to 2.5 years).

You will work in various IT departments during your time at the airport. This will give you an in-depth insight into day-to-day business at BER. You will work with modern technology and receive competent support from the respective specialist teams. This also includes helping you on your way to successfully completing your training and jointly developing ideas for project work.

During your practical training, you will learn about Windows and Linux operating systems, SAP, databases, cloud applications and network technology, among other things. Your training will be completed with theoretical lessons at a college in Berlin or Brandenburg.

Apprenticeship compensation

1st year of training 2nd year of training 3rd year of training 4th year of training
1.009,20 € 1.066,59 € 1.119,33 € 1.192,47 €
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Please note that we only accept applications for the apprenticeship via our online form of the job exchange.