Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an airplane
Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an airplane


Turbine BER

Training at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH offers you the best career opportunities in an exciting and varied field. We are looking for you to ensure smooth and trouble-free airport operations in the future.

The apprenticeship forms the interface between mechanics and electronics. You will be taught mechanical, electrical and electronic skills and abilities so that you can use them later in a targeted manner.

  • Secondary school leaving certificate or general qualification for university entrance,
  • Good academic performance, especially in mathematics and science subjects as well as German and English,
  • Understanding of electronic and mechanical interrelationships,
  • manual skills and good spatial awareness.

  • receive in-depth training with a deep insight into the operational areas of the airport,
  • learn more about airport-specific control elements and systems e.g. passenger boarding bridges,
  • work in the workshop and on site on technical equipment rather than in the office,
  • put your manual skills to the test in practice,
  • be involved in constant change and innovation in an exciting industry,
  • develop new ideas and live the idea of diversity,
  • the chance to be taken on if you perform very well?

You start on August 1.

The vocational training is offered as initial training and lasts 3 ½ years, but can be shortened to 3 years with very good performance.

During your training, you will gain an insight into all relevant work processes. For example, you will support our colleagues in the maintenance of signaling, lighting, drive, measurement and control technology, in the repair of passenger boarding bridges and conveyor belts or the pneumatic and hydraulic control of automatic doors and gates.

The practical part is rounded off by instruction at the Eduard Maurer Upper Level Center in Berlin.

Apprenticeship compensation

1st year of training 2nd year of training 3rd year of training 4th year of training
1.009,20 € 1.066,59 € 1.119,33 € 1.192,47 €
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Please note that we only accept applications for the apprenticeship via our online form of the job exchange.