Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an airplane
Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an airplane

Dual studies

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH provides training in the following fields at the Berlin School of Economics and Law:

Real Estate

The dual study program offers the opportunity to acquire not only an academic degree but also sound practical knowledge with one of the largest employers in the region.

Business Informatics

The degree program makes you an expert in two fields - business administration and IT.

Computer sience

Studying computer science makes you an expert in the field of IT.

Technical Facility Management

Industrial Electrical Engineering.

Industrial electrical engineering

The core idea of this degree program is to train engineers with a solid, broad-based electrical engineering expertise.

Civil Engineering

This technical degree program focuses on design development, planning and implementation of construction projects.

Dual study aeronautical engineering/management

With this training-integrated bachelor's degree program, you can gain your first professional insights into practice by means of the upstream vocational training and improve your imagination for technical contexts.