Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft
Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft

electrical engineering

Industrielle Elektrotechnik

The dual study program offers the opportunity to acquire sound practical knowledge at one of the largest employers in the region in addition to an academic degree.

The core idea of this degree program is to train engineers with a solid, broad-based electrical engineering expertise. Networking and the constant expansion of automation play a central role in today's world. Electrical engineers develop, calculate, design and test electrotechnical components, devices, equipment, systems, machines and control these processes. During your studies, you will gain versatile insights into the infrastructure and systems of our airports.


  • General university entrance qualification or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences,
  • good to very good performance, especially in mathematics,
  • physics and English must have been taken by the time of the Abitur,
  • high interest in electronic contexts.

  • be involved in constant change and innovation in an exciting industry,
  • gain versatile insights into the infrastructure and systems of our airports,
  • develop new ideas and live the diversity concept,
  • communicate effectively and in a customer-oriented manner in German and English,
  • the chance to be taken on if you perform very well?

October 1; pre-internship from August 1 - September 30.

Three years. It is not possible to shorten the period of study.

The Industrial Electrical Engineering program is a very specialized course of study that offers a wide range of development and specialization opportunities. During your dual studies at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, you will gain comprehensive engineering and technical basic knowledge (electrical engineering, electronics, control engineering, mechanics). In addition, you will focus on business administration topics, which will not be neglected in the field of industrial electrical engineering.

During the first four practical phases, you will write three practical reports and a student research project. In the 4th and 5th semester you will complete interdisciplinary study projects. In addition, in the 5th and 6th semesters you will take elective modules in the fields of automation technology and electrical power engineering. At the end of your training, you will complete a Bachelor's thesis. The topic is determined in consultation with the training company.

The practical part is rounded off by classes at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. You can find out more about the content of the theoretical studies on the university's website

Bachelor of Engineering

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Apprenticeship compensation

1st year of training 2nd year of training 3rd year of training
1.117,58 € * 1.193,20 € 1.268,64 €
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* Internship allowance during the internship in the amount of € 1,117.58 per month


Please note that we only accept applications for the apprenticeship via our online form of the job exchange.