Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft
Light reflections of the glow stick when waving in an aircraft

Student internship

Student internship

BER Schüler und Studenten Günter Wicker



Would you like to gain an insight into the processes at the airport and at the same time find out which profession suits you? Then a student internship with us is just the thing.

Due to the high volume of applications and our own claim to provide intensive and personal support even for student internships, we are currently unable to offer internships!

At our airports, you will have the opportunity to work in three areas during your student internship, these are:

  • technical area (e.g. in the operating workshops)
  • operational area (e.g. aviation management, security, supply engineering, airport fire department)
  • commercial area (e.g. accounting, human resources, environmental work)

To ensure that you get into the departments that really interest you, you should note your preference in your application. If your application then successfully passes the selection process, you can look forward to an exciting time with us at the airport. As a rule, an internship lasts two to three weeks and gives you the opportunity to get to know the different areas of the company on a fast track. During this time, you can look over the shoulders of the employees, gain experience and, above all, actively take on tasks yourself.

We are very pleased that you have decided to do a student internship with us. It is important that you send us the following documents by email to

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Letter of motivation
  • the last two school reports

Please note the application deadline: You can apply a maximum of six months in advance, but at least three months before the start of the internship. This is due to the fact that a time-consuming background check must be carried out as a condition for your work at the airport.

Berlin needs you

As an airport company, we stand for cosmopolitanism and diversity. The integration of young people with an immigration background is an important issue for us, which we actively promote in order to give them career prospects. That is why we are also happy to support the "Training - a question of attitude" campaign. 

The Berlin Police, the Berlin Fire Department, the IT Service Center, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, the Vivantes hospital group, Berliner Bäderbetriebe, the Howoge housing association, and the city and state of Berlin are also promoting interculturally open training. 

With this campaign, the Senate initiative "Berlin needs you!" wants to help integrate young people with a migration background more strongly into dual vocational training or dual study programs. As one of the largest employers and trainers in the capital region, FBB supports the campaign. 

You can find more information about the campaign here