Meadow in front of Terminal 1
Meadow in front of Terminal 1


Green Airport Strategy

Green Airport Strategy

Our vision is to ensure that Berlin Brandenburg Airport is operated in a manner that is as energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally-friendly as possible. We also aim to convince all our business partners, suppliers and passengers to work with us to help us realise this vision.


The Board of Management has defined key milestones along the company’s path to becoming a truly green airport.


All processes at the airport are to be structured to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.


The airport’s operating principles include a sustainability policy on energy which defines binding guidelines for staff.

Noise monitoring station


With a voluntary programme launched in 2011, the airport operator has been examining the impact of air traffic on the air quality and food produced in the vicinity of the airport.


Our long-term Environment Study Programme aims to document air quality and the environmental impact of air traffic.

Air quality

This air quality monitoring point on the grounds of Schönefeld Airport documents the emissions caused by air traffic.


Biomonitoring is a key part of the Environment Study Programme. Kale plants are examined for pollutants from air traffic

Honey monitoring

Is honey from BER vicinity safe for consumption? Monitoring examines honey, pollen and honeycombs for signs of pollution


The myth of kerosene dumping prior to landing is a stubborn myth in air traffic. This only happens in emergencies.

Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy

The aim of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is to supply the BER with secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable energy. BER has an advanced energy infrastructure which significantly increases the company’s resource efficiency.

Energy Supplies

Half of the energy we use comes from renewable sources. The other half is generated in combined heat and power plants.

Travel to airport

Our aim is to have one in two passengers using public transport to travel to BER once it opens.

Fleet management

FBB is modernising the company’s fleet and is switching to vehicles with low fuel consumption.


We support energy-efficient construction. New buildings at BER will be constructed as zero-energy buildings.

Green IT

In all IT systems, FBB is committed the sustainable use of resources sustainably and using innovative technlogies.

Soil and Water

Soil and surface water protection

The airport operator aims to continue reducing the consumption of drinking water at the airport. Soil and groundwater protection at the airport is a key target in our environmental management activities.

Soil and water

By providing winter services the airport operator and its service partners ensure that aircraft can land and take off.


By ensuring that rainwater runoff and waste water is managed appropriately, the local watercourses need to be intact.



Berlin Brandenburg Airport ensures that waste is disposed of correctly. more

Nature and Landscape

Nature and Landscape

The airport operator has launched a number of major development projects to ensure that the inevitable impacts on the environment as Berlin Brandenburg Airport is built are mitigated.

Landscape at BER

Landscape aesthetics and ecological value played a central role in the design of the green spaces on the BER site.

Wildlife Control

Every airport is required by law to take appropriate measures on its premises to minimise collisions with birds.


If you have any questions about the environment at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, please contact the relevant person