Lights in front of BER Tower
Lights in front of BER Tower

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BER Terminal 1 Marketplace

Terminal 1

In Terminal 1, travellers will find more than 40 retail outlets on the airside and landside and around 40 gastronomic outlets including takeaways. The heart of the BER retail concept is a large airside marketplace in the centre of the terminal with around 40 retail, gastronomy and service areas.

All departing passengers pass through the marketplace, which invites them to stroll and linger. The entrance to the marketplace is a large duty-paid shop. Directly after the security checks, this shop is designed as a "walk-through concept". The marketplace offers target group-specific concepts in the areas of fashion, accessories, shoes, leather goods, jewellery and watches, consumer electronics, souvenirs, travel goods, stationery and toys as well as media and books.

Attached to the marketplace, on a gallery, is the food court. Here passengers can choose from the offerings of various caterers.

In the non-Schengen area, passengers will find a duty-free shop after passport control as well as other retail, catering and service areas that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the international clientele.

In the public area on the departure, arrival and level U1 above the station, there are further retail, gastronomy and service providers. The target groups of these concepts are not only departing and arriving passengers, but also bringers and pickers, visitors and airport employees. There is a small supermarket, a bakery (both open 24/7), a flower shop and book/press, to name but a few.

BER Terminal 2

Terminal 2

The idea of keeping distances short is also reflected in Terminal 2’s retail and catering concept. The airside features the central PLAZA with its mix of five retail and catering units. 

Directly behind the security checkpoints, travellers and arrivals alike are met by a duty-free shop featuring a modern industrial design, which covers an area of almost 800 m². In addition to offers on the airside, which include the full range of popular products such as books and press items, tobacco and confectionery, souvenirs, technical items and toys, travellers can also take advantage of retail opportunities in the combined check-in and arrival area.

In addition to Terminal 1’s wide variety of food outlets, passengers can also choose from an exciting range of culinary options in the new terminal and pass the time until departure in the PLAZA’s three different restaurants. A bakery supplies target groups on the landside.