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Airport Identity

and Visitor Passes

Entry into the airport security areas is subject to the provisions of the Aviation Security Act of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Implementing Regulation of the European Union DVO (EU) 2015/1998. Different access requirements apply depending on the place of work and the period of deployment. Persons who regularly work for companies located at the airport require a permanent airport identification card. For short-term access to the airport security areas, authorised persons can apply for visitor passes. The "notification authorisation" is issued by the ID card service.


Application for airport identification card

Application for reliability check (german)

Application for reliability check filling out help (german)

Application for reliability check Interview proof (german)

Application for reliability check Interview proof  filling out help (german)

Checklist for the application for airport identification cards

Loss of pass/driving permit (german)

Application for visitor registration (german)

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Dear customers and business partners,

As of 01.05.2024, we have adapted our processes in the ID card service. We ask that you always book an appointment to apply for and collect ID documents. Our appointment booking tool is available for this purpose. Bookings can be made easily via our website using a PC or other mobile device. We are also happy to provide support via our hotline and on site in the waiting area of the ID card service if you have any questions about online appointment booking.  

When booking, please ensure that you select the correct service, as fixed times for the individual services are stored in the system. For example, if you book the collection of an ID card instead of applying for an airport ID card, this will lead to appointment clashes with other customers and your appointment would then have to be cancelled and rebooked. 

If your ID card is defective and you need to return to work quickly, we will be happy to help you at short notice without an appointment. We also help all other customers without an appointment to find and book an appointment promptly.

You do not need an appointment to return ID documents; you can either hand them in directly at reception in the waiting area or send them back to us by post. 

Please use the following address:

12521 Berlin

Thank you very much.

Your ID card service

Appointment booking tool (in German only)  

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Airport identification cards

Detailed information on access regulations can be found in the FAQs and in the current identification regulations (german). 

  • To apply for an Airport identification card, the following documents must be submitted:
  • Company registration by the employer, if not already resident/active at the airport.
  • Application for airport identification card
  • Application for reliability check (german)
  • Copy of European identity card (front and back) or passport (incl. all pages with entries as well as current extended certificate of residence, not older than 4 weeks)
  • In the case of foreign citizens, a translated certificate of good conduct from the country of origin as well as a declaration of exemption from punishment abroad.
  • Proof of employment in the last 5 years (e.g. copies of employment certificates, social security certificates or employment contracts).

The applications for obtaining an Airport identification card and for the reliability check must be completed in full, signed and stamped by both the applicant and the employer and submitted to the identification card service at the Security Service Centre.

When the identification card expires, a renewal application must be submitted at least 3 months in advance. For this purpose, please use the Airport identification card application and note that the reliability check may have to be applied for again and/or the aviation security training may have to be completed again. You will find the date of expiry on the identification card directly under your photo.

Every holder of an Airport identification card is obliged to return the card or have it changed immediately in the event of a change of company, termination of employment or change of name. Personal data, e.g. change of residential address, must be reported immediately by the ID Card holder directly to the responsible aviation authority. The pass remains the property of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB). Please note that the late return or non-return of Airport identification cards can be punished as an administrative offence under the Aviation Security Act with a fine of up to EUR 10,000.

The loss of the identification card must be reported immediately to the identification card service or, outside business hours, to the airport security control centre.

Contact for blocking the identification card 

BER identification card service 030 6091 77500 

Airport security control centre 030 6091 10200

After blocking the identification card by telephone, please also submit the form provided for reporting a loss.

Permanent access to the security areas requires a valid background check in accordance with §7 of the Aviation Security Act. You can submit the application for this directly to the identification card service; it will be forwarded to the responsible aviation security authority. The authority checks the applicant and confirms his or her reliability if necessary. Doubts may arise, for example, due to convictions in the past or ongoing criminal proceedings. 

A confirmed reliability check is limited to five years. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has no possibility of influencing the decision on the reliability of the checked persons by the aviation security authority.

An already existing background check from another german federal state can be submitted and recognised at the time of application. The recognition requires the approval of the responsible aviation authority.

Please note that in the case of longer-term stays or residence abroad within the last ten years, corresponding proof of exemption from punishment there will be requested by the authority. Contrary to the domestic proofs, the applicant is obliged in these cases. 

Furthermore, corresponding employer's certificates must be submitted for the employment relationships of the last 5 years. This can be, for example, copies of employment contracts, references or social security certificates. 

You can find more information on the application form for the reliability check or via the ID card service.

No airport identification card can be issued without a confirmed background check. If the reliability has been denied by the competent aviation authority, a new application can be submitted at the earliest one year after notification of the last verification result. The reasons for the negative decision will only be communicated to the applicant. If the applicant can prove that the reasons for the denial have ceased to exist in the meantime, a new examination may be applied for at an earlier date.

Entering the security restricted areas of airports requires the successful completion of security awareness training in accordance with DVO (EU) 2015/1998. The training takes place in the form of an e-learning course. You will automatically receive the access data to the e-learning platform when you apply for your identification card. Our customers can also take the exams directly at the identification card service on computers provided. It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with training materials in advance to ensure successful completion.

When applying for your identification card, please make sure that you really only apply for the access area relevant to your activity. The necessity of the access authorisation must be plausibly justified. Please clarify the relevant information in the application with your employer in advance. The following access areas can be selected:

  • B = Baggage (access requirement for baggage conveyor system) 
  • R = Ramp (sensitive security area apron) 
  • T = Terminal (sensitive security area terminal) 
  • P = Public (public terminal and operational areas)

The duration of the application for airport identification cards is usually four to six weeks due to the background check by the aviation authority. Processing times are shortened if existing valid reliability certificates are presented.

The application for airport identification cards, the associated reliability check and aviation security training are subject to a fee. The amount of the fees can be found in the current regulations on charges for other services.

As soon as all requirements have been met, you will receive notification by e-mail or telephone to collect your airport identification card from the identification card service. Please bring your valid identity card (EU citizens only) or passport and, if applicable, your residence permit. A passport photo is not required, as a picture will be taken directly on site. 

The validity is linked to the expected duration of your employment in the airport security area. An unlimited airport identification card (permanent identification card) is valid for a maximum of five years.

The validity of the airport identification card is also directly linked to the validity of the reliability check and the online training, which also expire after five years. If existing certificates are recognised in the application process, the maximum validity of the airport identification card is shortened accordingly.


Visitor passes

Visitors can only be registered by persons authorised to give notification from companies based at the airport. Please find out in advance who in your company has this authorisation. The notification authorisation can be applied for informally by e-mail or post at the identification card service.

The loss of an identification card must be reported immediately to the identification card service or, outside business hours, to the airport security control centre. 

Contacts Blocking of the identification card 

Identification card service +49 30 6091 77500 

Airport security control centre +49 30 6091 10200

After blocking your identity card by telephone, please also submit the form provided for reporting a loss.

The following conditions must be met if you wish to receive visitors:

  • Requests must be made to the identification card service at least 24 hours before the planned access by the persons authorised to give notice. 
  • Access is only possible in the permanent company of a permanent identification card holder. The persons assigned to accompany the visitor and their functions must be specified when submitting the application. Visitors will be collected in the publicly accessible area of the access control point specified for access. 
  • Access for visitors is limited to 12 days per year (max. 5 days in a row and 7 days in a month). Exceptions to this rule must be applied for separately and are made exclusively in coordination with the Security Service Centre and the responsible aviation authority.

Up to three visitors can be applied for with one application. An airport identification card holder may accompany a maximum of 3 persons at the same time. A larger number of visitors requires further applications and the corresponding additional number of escorts. Each application is checked for plausibility.

Visitor passes are valid for 1 to 5 days. Please note the conditions for a visitor registration, which may limit access for individual persons and reduce the validity of a visitor pass.

Visitor passes must be returned to the access control point at the end of their validity or immediately upon leaving the airport security area in the presence of the visitor and accompanying person. If the security area has to be re-entered at another point, the visitor pass may be retained. In this case, it must be handed in when leaving the security area for the last time.

Insofar as visitors wish to use a vehicle to access the airport security areas, they must also apply for a day driving permit in addition to the application for the visitor pass. 

First of all, the corresponding ticks must be set on the application for visitor registration for visitors with a motor vehicle. Upon entry at the access control point, the driving permit can then be issued via the day/replacement documents receipt. You will receive the confirmation of receipt either directly at the entrance or here as a download. The form can be filled out by visitors in advance to speed up processing at the access control point.

Please note that your vehicle may only enter the security areas of the airport when accompanied by a Follow Me Service (airport security or notifying company).

Yes, the issuance of visitor passes and daytime driving permits is subject to a fee and will be charged to the notifying company. The costs can be found in the current schedule of charges for other services.