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Lights in front of BER Tower


Driving in the security areas at BER requires a vehicle-related driving permit. Driving permits are issued exclusively for official vehicles, vehicles with official use and (in exceptional cases) for private vehicles with written proof of official necessity. Each application is subject to a plausibility check. 

  • The following types of driving permits can be applied for:
  • Permanent driving permit
  • Daily driving permit
  • Substitute driving permit

Detailed information can also be found in the current identification card regulations.identification card regulations(german). 


Application for driving permit (german) 

Loss of identification card/driving permit (german)

Acknowledgement of receipt daily/replacement documents (german)

Regulations Charge for other services

Data protection information (german)

Dear customers and business partners,

As of 01.05.2024, we have adapted our processes in the ID card service. We ask that you always book an appointment to apply for and collect ID documents. Our appointment booking tool is available for this purpose. Bookings can be made easily via our website using a PC or other mobile device. We are also happy to provide support via our hotline and on site in the waiting area of the ID card service if you have any questions about online appointment booking.  

When booking, please ensure that you select the correct service, as fixed times for the individual services are stored in the system. For example, if you book the collection of an ID card instead of applying for an airport ID card, this will lead to appointment clashes with other customers and your appointment would then have to be cancelled and rebooked. 

If your ID card is defective and you need to return to work quickly, we will be happy to help you at short notice without an appointment. We also help all other customers without an appointment to find and book an appointment promptly.

You do not need an appointment to return ID documents; you can either hand them in directly at reception in the waiting area or send them back to us by post. 

Please use the following address:

12521 Berlin

Thank you very much.

Your ID card service

Appointment booking tool (in German only)  

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Driving permit

The validity of your permanent driving permit is linked to the vehicle and the period of use of your company. It is valid for a maximum of two years. A new application must be submitted if the vehicle, registration number or company changes. The following requirements must be fulfilled and appropriate proof must be provided at the time of application:

  • Evidence of official use
  • Proof of roadworthiness of the vehicle (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Sufficient insurance cover (at least 100 million EUR sum insured)

In order for the vehicle to be driven by persons from your company within the security area of BER Airport, an airport identification card for zones R or B and an airport or runway driver´s licence are also required. Otherwise, it is mandatory that the vehicle be piloted. 

Day driving permit

For short-term entries into the security area, you can apply for a daytime driving permit as part of a visitor registration (min. 24 hours in advance). First of all, the corresponding ticks must be set on the application for visitor registration for visitors with a motor vehicle. Receipt of the day documents must be confirmed by the recipient at the access control.

Please note that your vehicle may only enter the security areas of the airport when accompanied by a Follow Me Service (airport security or notifying company). For holders of regular airport identification cards who require a daily driving permit for operational reasons, the application is made using the form "Application for Special Driving Permit for identification card holders". Each application must be confirmed by the company making the application or, in the case of companies not based at the airport, by the company commissioning the work at the airport. The day travel permit must be returned to the access control point when leaving the airport security area.

Replacement driving permit

Holders of a permanent driving permit have the possibility to apply for a replacement driving permit in case of a short-term change of vehicle. The replacement permit can replace a permanent permit for a maximum of 7 days. It is issued directly at the access control point.

Loss and return

Driving permits must be returned to the identification card service or changed immediately in the event of expiry, change of vehicle or company, a change in the areas to be used or if the personal reason for the necessity ceases to exist.

The loss of driving permits or the airport identification card must be reported immediately to the identification card service or the airport security control centre. The driving permit remains the property of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH.

Contacts in case of loss of the driving permit:

Identification card service BER +49 30 6091 77500 

Airport security control centre BER +49 30 6091 10200

After the driving permit has been blocked, please also submit the form provided for reporting a loss. After the written notification of loss, a new application for a driving permit is necessary.


The application for driving permits and daily documents is subject to a fee. The costs can be found in the current schedule of charges for other services.