Lights in front of BER Tower
Lights in front of BER Tower

Keys and locking

When applying for keys, locking cylinders and locking permissions, please contact our locksmith directly. This applies to both initial and repeat orders, as well as faults or loss of keys. Please note that the application for locking permissions requires proof of a valid tenancy. Use the provided application for locking systems, which you can fill out digitally or by hand if required, and send it to key service BER by email.

For general concerns, please contact the identification card service first. There, the required information will be made available to you and you will be forwarded to the responsible offices. You will find detailed information as well as in the BER key regulations.


Key service

For general concerns, please contact the Airport badge service. first. There, you will be given access to the information you need and will be forwarded to the relevant offices.

Locking zone concepts

We will be happy to advise you on the equipment planning of your premises with regard to locking solutions. On request, we will draw up locking zone concepts and locking plans for new buildings or the restructuring of buildings that meet both the legal requirements and your specific needs.

Return of keys

Keys and locking cards must be returned to the key service immediately in the event of a change of office or company or termination of employment. In case of loss of keys and locking cards, the key service or the identification card service must be contacted immediately. Outside opening hours, the airport security control centre must be informed. Outside opening hours, the airport security control centre must be informed. Changes to locking permissions via the airport identification card service also require immediate notification to the key service.


Key service +49 30 6091 77503

Identification card service +49 30 6091 77500

Airport security control centre +49 30 6091 10200

After contacting us immediately, please also submit the form provided on the extranet for reporting a loss.

Door opening

Doors will only be opened/closed upon presentation of written authorisation from the owner/tenant of the rooms concerned. If employees of the key service or airport security of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH are requested to open/lock doors due to a lost/defective or forgotten key, the client will incur costs in accordance with the current schedule of charges for other services of the airport company.


The application for keys, locking permissions and cylinders as well as services provided by the locksmith are subject to charges. The charges can be found in the current schedule of charges for other services of the airport company.