Lights in front of BER Tower
Lights in front of BER Tower


Aerodrome manual

Here you will find the aerodrome manual for Berlin Brandenburg Airport in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and Regulation (EU) 139/2014. The chapters of the aerodrome manual published here contain general information and information intended for the public

Chapter A.1: Declaration of the Accountable Manager

Chapter A.2: User guide

Chapter A.3: List of Effective Pages

Chapter A.5: Distribution List

Chapter A.6: List of Abbreviations and Definition of Terms

Chapter A.7: Scope of Application

Chapter A.8: General Terms and Conditions of Use (FBO)

Further chapters with separate provisions for business partners are available on the airport company's extranet after registration.


Terminal regulations

The terminal regulations are a supplementary document to the Airport User Regulations and thus a binding basis for action for airport users. The Terminal Regulations are aimed at all visitors, users and tenants in the airport terminal. They apply in all rooms and on all areas of the terminal as well as on the terminal-side access roads on levels 1 and 0. They are to be distinguished from the house rules, which essentially deal with the rented property.

Terminal regulations

Fire safety regulations

What to do if there is a fire at the airport? Not everyone is clear about what to do in the event of a fire. On the one hand, the fire safety regulations contain measures and rules for fire prevention. On the other hand, there are regulations and instructions on how to behave in the event of fires, accidents and other emergencies, as well as fire-fighting measures. The company's fire safety regulations are drawn up by the fire brigade and are constantly updated.

Fire safety regulations BER (german)

Notice BSO-A (german)

Notice BSO-A + fire hose (german)

Notice BSO-A + Terminal Regulations (german) 

Notice BSO-A + Selchow (german)

Identification card regulations

At Berlin Brandenburg Airport, there are areas with different access requirements. Depending on where the employee works at the airport, the corresponding identification card is assigned. The identification card regulations contain the exact provisions for authorised entry and driving on the airport premises. The identification card regulations are binding in their currently valid version.

Identification card regulations (german)

Key regulations

The key regulations govern the handling of keys and locking permissions (locking cards and access authorisations on the airport identification card) for all buildings in the administration of FBB.

Key regulations