Spiegelung Schriftzug Willy Brandt auf Glasfassade
Spiegelung Schriftzug Willy Brandt auf Glasfassade


Openness, appreciation, commitment, motivation and economic efficiency stand in the centre of all Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH do. We promote knowledge of all applicable laws, guidelines and internal instructions relevant to FBB through training, flyers, and articles in the employee magazine, to name a few methods. Within our regulatory framework, strengthening a compliance culture based on binding values and ethical standards is an important part of our corporate culture. A compliance management system and a central whistle-blower system were established to support this. Employees of the airport company as well as external personnel, such as contractors, service providers or business partners, can anonymously turn to the whistle-blower system and provide hints and suspicious cases, for example, of corruption, fraud, white-collar crime, breach of trust or crossing of borders. This applies in both personal matters as well as those of unlawful discrimination. This information allows us to uncover and combat grievances in order to avert serious damage to FBB and its employees. 

FBB has a central Compliance Office with tasks separate from all other functions. Ms Elke Schaefer, the Chief Compliance Officer, manages the Office. The Compliance Office is available for internal and external employees as a central port of call and consultant. Naturally, all information disclosed to the Compliance Office is treated confidentially. 

Reference system

You can also contact us anonymously via the whistleblower system:

Alongside the whistle-blower system and the Compliance Office, our ombudspersons, Sophia Hoffmeister and Dr Rainer Frank, can be contacted regarding compliance inquiries.

All persons who wish to report a violation or misconduct in connection with FBB now also have the option of submitting an external report to the responsible federal, state or European Union agencies (§§ 19 ff HinSchG).


Elke Schaefer

Elke Schaefer

Chief Compliance Officer

+49 30 6091 70170

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Sophia Hoffmeister / Dr. Rainer Frank

Ombudspersons/ Lawyers

+49 30 31868566