Reflection of Willy Brandt lettering on glass façade
Reflection of Willy Brandt lettering on glass façade


Midfield Gardens (c) Astoc
Midfield Gardens

The BER Master Plan as a strategic guiding principle

The BER master plan was established as a strategic guiding principle for the further development of the airport infrastructure. It sets the framework for an orderly urban development of the infrastructure for medium and long-term passenger development and landside real estate development.

The development of the BER master plan is based on five guiding ideas:

  • Create a central, flexible infrastructure for the terminals
  • Develop Airport City as an urban place extending from the terminal to the A113 motorway.
  • Establish networked mobility and intermodal connectivity
  • Establish a secure and economical media infrastructure
  • Sustainability and digitalisation as an opportunity for the future (the smart BER)

The objectives of the further development of the site are:

1. availability in line with demand

2. operational stability

3. resource utilisation

4. positive customer experience

5. expansion of the non-aviation offer

The BER Master Plan provides impetus for the economic and structural development of the region. An infrastructural model was developed for the BER real estate and investment location within the Masterplan BER project. It identifies areas for the development of the airside and landside quarters and their main uses.

The master plan offers the airlines, the regional economy and all other partners and service providers a clear orientation for the development of the airport location.

The master plan is not a rigid instrument. However, since the Corona crisis and its implications have not yet been reflected in the master plan, the master plan must be updated with the definition of new development focal points and an expansion to future topics such as sustainability, especially in energy supply, media development and mobility, as well as digitalisation.

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Midfield Gardens
Midfield Gardens

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