The easyJet maintenance hangar is going up
The easyJet maintenance hangar is going up

The easyJet maintenance hangar

is going up

Published: 04 March 2022, 15:35

Construction of the new easyJet hangar in the western section of BER is progressing well. The steel structure has just started going up. From the main pier of Terminal 1 you can already see the future maintenance hangar taking shape. In just over a year - early 2023 - the hangar will be up and running. Four aircraft, each measuring up to an A321 in size, can then be serviced at the same time within the 10,000 square metre hangar. The €20m investment project will be easyJet's first hangar outside of the UK. The construction is being carried out as a joint venture between easyJet and FBB. The project represents an important investment in our airport and business location. 

Bau des neuen easyJet-Hangars am BER


Construction of the hangar goes hand-in-hand with the creation of high-quality jobs, because after its completion easyJet will switch its maintenance programme to cover more extensive maintenance and repair work as part of so-called base maintenance. At present the airline operates what is known as line maintenance, in which the maintenance work on the aircraft is carried out during operation, right on the runway. easyJet has already started recruiting. Details are available at

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