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Mobile monitoring stations

Published: 01 April 2022, 11:20

Mobile monitoring stations in Diepensee and Zeuthen

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH will be monitoring aircraft noise in Diepensee and Zeuthen in April. 



The first mobile monitoring station is positioned on the outskirts of Diepensee, west of Königs Wusterhausen. It is there that the distance to flight path D07R-1Q-East is the shortest. After take-off, this route bends in an easterly direction along the A10 motorway via the Hofmann curve and was used a total of 218 times in January and February 2022. 

The airport company will position a second mobile monitoring station on Narzissenallee in Zeuthen during the same period. The effects of the flight path are, therefore, measured from a northerly and southerly direction.

Measurements were already taken in Diepensee in June 2019 using the mobile aircraft noise monitoring station. These measurements, which were taken well before the start of operations and, therefore, at a time when there was no air traffic, now help to better assess the effects of the flight path flown since BER was commissioned. The results of the aircraft noise measurements in Diepensee and Zeuthen will be available in May as part of a several-page monitoring report on the airport company’s website. The website also includes an overview of mobile monitoring planned for the coming months. The link is:

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