Aerial view of the airport region
Aerial view of the airport region

For the future of the airport region

Published: 12 April 2022, 16:00

Proximity to BER Airport is a decisive factor. More and more companies are settling in the airport region. Thousands of jobs are being created. New residential areas, schools, nurseries, and leisure facilities are being built.

Presentation of the latest results of the joint structural concept

The cities and municipalities in the area surrounding BER want to prepare themselves together with the airport company (FBB) for the increasing influx of families and growing traffic flows with the help of a joint structural concept. The latest results of the structural concept were presented to the public at Haus Dialogforum on 7 April.

Representatives from the municipalities and the Joint State Planning Department were there, as was Christian Franzke, FBB’s representative for work in the surrounding area. Topics discussed included housing projects, new industrial estates and technology parks, and even the expansion of the cycle path and road network, as well as green and open space development. “The new airport offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses and for many people. We will continue to support our neighbours and work with them towards an attractive region. The structural concept is a fundamental basis for our mutual action,” said Christian Franzke.

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