Mobile Measuring Stations
Mobile Measuring Stations

Mobile Measuring Stations

Published: 11 May 2022, 15:00

Mobile Measuring Stations in Schöneiche and Rotberg in May

Measurements of aircraft noise by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH at the request of the communities

Mobile Measuring Station

For the month of May, the airport operating company set up a mobile measuring station at the western edge of Schöneiche. With it, the starts are recorded which, during easterly operations, take place via the Müggelsee route. This route was used 818 times last April.

A second mobile measuring station was, during the same period, set up unplanned in the area of Volksgutstraße in Rotberg due to the great demand. There, all starts from the northern runway are recorded, especially those along the so-called Hoffmann curve. 

Measuring had already been undertaken in Schöneiche in September 2021. The location at the time had been in the vicinity of the town centre, ca. 1.3 km away from the flight route. The new measuring had been planned at the suggestion of citizens of the community of Schöneiche. The results of the aircraft noise measurements in Schöneiche und Rotberg will be available from June onwards in the shape of a measurement report of several pages on the website of the airport operating company. There, an overview of the mobile measurements planned for the coming months can also be found. 

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