Kind nimmt eine Schulweste aus einer Tüte
Kind nimmt eine Schulweste aus einer Tüte

Safety Vests for Schools Initiative

Published: 15 June 2022, 17:00

Right at the very beginning of the school year 2022/ 2023 the Umlandarbeit (Regional Works Department) of the airport company will be providing safety vests free of charge to primary school children from the region.

The company thus wishes to contribute towards ensuring that pupils from the surrounding communities can always walk to school safely and be clearly visible at all times. Now in its third year, the Initiative “Children’s Safety Vests for the Airport Region" is already enjoying enormous popularity.

Interested schools may apply by email to until June 15th.

It is important that the application should contain the complete contact details of the school and the desired number of vests. In the event of a very large number of inquiries, lots will be drawn.

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