Air show of the ILA 2022
Air show of the ILA 2022

Noise measurements at the ILA Berlin Air Show

Stringent regulations for demonstration flights

Published: 24 June 2022, 10:00

On the occasion of #ILA22, Berlin Brandenburg Airport GmbH (BER) is also carrying out measurements of aircraft noise in the areas surrounding the southern runway. As well as the fixed measurement points, there is also a mobile measurement facility during the ILA in Gross Kienitz. The white box trailer is equipped with the most modern electronics and some highly sensitive microphones.

The aviation authority monitors what goes on at the ILA Berlin Air Show. Even if the ILA would be unimaginable without demonstration flights, exhibitors and pilots do have to adhere to strict noise control regulations. A maximum level of 111 dB(A), for example, must not be exceeded under any circumstances. The measurements are taken by the Federal Armed Forces when the aircraft on show are on their approach flight and during the test and demonstration flights. The measurement results are published on line at the end of each flight day:

Noise measurements ILA 2022 (German only)

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