Rotberg Süd Mai 2022
Rotberg Süd Mai 2022

Measurement report

Rotberg Süd May 2022

Published: 27 July 2022, 13:10
Updated: 28 July 2022, 12:05
Rotberg Süd


The Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH mobile measuring point was located on Volksgutstraße in Rotberg Süd for a month. The aircraft noise measurements resulted in a continuous sound level of 44.7 dB(A) during the day and 36.3 dB(A) at night. The loudest events were the take-offs from the southern runway in an easterly direction over the Hoffmann Bend, which led to an average maximum noise level of 64 dB(A). 

Westbound take-offs from the southern runway were measured at an average maximum noise level of 62 dB(A). Take-offs from the north runway heading west and landings on the south runway heading west were also be measured in Rotberg Süd, however, on average less than once a day.

All measured values were well below the forecasts calculated for Rotberg before BER went into operation. The measured values from the mobile measuring point were slightly lower than those from the fixed measuring point installed in Rotberg (measuring point 22 – Mühlenstraße), which is closer to the southern runway and a little further west.

Continuous sound levels are, among other things, important for determining thresholds for safeguarding noise protection measures: rooms used at night require protection from a continuous noise level of 50 dB(A), and rooms used during the day from 60 dB(A).

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