Aircraft noise measurement report
Aircraft noise measurement report

Measurement report Rangsdorf

Aircraft noise measurement June 2022

Published: 08 September 2022, 14:35

FBB’s mobile measuring station was located on Zinnowitzer Weg in June 2022. Aircraft noise measurements showed a continuous daytime sound level of 43.1 dB(A) and a continuous night-time sound level of 32 dB(A). A mean maximum level of 59 dB(A) was measured for take-offs from the south runway flying west and 57 dB(A) for take-offs from the south runway flying east.

All measured values were significantly below the forecasts made for Rangsdorf before the BER started operations.

The continuous sound levels are important for, among other things, determining threshold values for guaranteeing noise protection measures. Rooms used at night are protected from a continuous sound level of 50 dB(A); rooms used during the day from 60 dB(A).

Mobile measurements (German)

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