Mobile Fluglärmmessungen der FBB im Oktober 2022
Mobile Fluglärmmessungen der FBB im Oktober 2022

Mobile Measurements of Aircraft Noise Levels

October 2022

Published: 23 September 2022, 13:35

Mobile aircraft noise level measuring trailers

in October in Ruhlsdorf

The mobile measurements by FBB will take place in October in Ruhlsdorf (Samatenweg). The measuring station in Genshagen will record in the main landings on the northern runway for eastbound operations and take-offs from the northern runway heading westwards. The measuring station in Selchow-Süd will measure first and foremost all take-offs for east- and westbound operations and landings on the northern runway from an easterly direction. The live measuring data may be viewed in the TRAVIS Service system:

It is anticipated that the results of the aircraft noise level measurements will be available as from the end of November in a measurement report several pages long on the website of the airport operating company. You will also find there the analyses of the measurements taken in the past months and an overview of the mobile measurements planned for the coming months.


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