Corporate Volunteering im Jugendclub Eichwalde
Corporate Volunteering im Jugendclub Eichwalde

Corporate Volunteering at the Eichwalde Youth Club

Published: 07 October 2022, 12:00

Graffiti wall, lawn chess, raised beds and a fire pit with just the right seating: the youth club in Eichwalde had big plans for the redesign of its outdoor area. The airport company literally got involved as part of corporate volunteering. A total of 21 colleagues from different departments came together as a team on Friday, 9 September to help Eichwalde Youth Club set up accessible educational and exercise programmes. Sawing, drilling, screwing, hammering, bricklaying – a lot was achieved.

Corporate Volunteering

Christian Franzke, Head of Regional Relations: “We are the big neighbour next door and want to support projects like this in the airport’s surrounding areas. We’re particularly pleased that the children here at Eichwalde are getting a great new outdoor space thanks to our help.” 

The airport company’s corporate volunteering was the signal for a 48-hour programme to design the leisure facility’s outdoor area. Many more helpers joined them the following weekend – including 23 children and young people. The project continues in autumn: the planned boulder wall and half pipe will be built by specialist companies for safety reasons. A workshop will also be built. 

Teamwork Corporate Volunteering

“Everything has turned out to be really cool. I’m so happy and very proud of our hard-working helpers,” beams youth club leader Mandy Ziensch.

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