Aircraft on the apron of BER
Aircraft on the apron of BER

BER first German airport to use digital turnaround solution

Published: 27 September 2023, 12:45

Berlin Brandenburg Airport will be the first German airport to use an AI-based software solution to optimise its handling processes. In doing so, the airport company is continuing to invest in modern technologies to increase service quality, punctuality and efficiency at BER.

Together with the company Assaia, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is implementing a comprehensive system – the digital TurnaroundControl solution – that will enable handling processes on the apron to be analysed with the help of self-learning software and relevant recommendations for action to be issued. This will allow work processes on the aircraft to be optimised, resulting in greater stability in the flight schedule and increased punctuality. The product will be introduced gradually over the coming months.

Thomas Hoff Anderson, Chief Operations Officer Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “An airport as an infrastructure operator contributes to a good travel experience for passengers with stable processes and reliable flight schedules. In the future, we at BER will continue to rely on an AI-based solution to further increase the stability of the network and punctuality figures. We expect the software’s machine learning feature to provide us with valuable insights that will give us additional impetus to further develop processes in airport operations.”


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