Surveying flights
Surveying flights

Surveying flights

during the night of 8 to 9 November

Published: 02 November 2023, 09:00
Updated: 08 November 2023, 10:00

Survey flights carried out by German Air Traffic Control (DFS) have been announced for the night of 8 to 9 November on BER’s north runway. A rather quiet, twin-engine propeller Beechcraft Super King Air 350 aircraft will be used. The survey flights will be taking off and landing in an westerly direction, avoiding flyovers above built-up areas provided that the given flight profiles allow it.

The survey flights will check the runway’s instrument landing system (ILS) for accuracy and error-free operation. The ILS assists the pilot in daily flight operations with navigation during the approach. This is basically done using signal transmitters on the ground that send information about the approach route and gliding angle to the aircraft’s cockpit during landing.

BER von oben

The specially equipped survey aircraft checks the precision of the signals required for safe landings. As usual, the survey flights will take place at night, as air traffic does not permit them during the day and the ILS cannot be used operationally during the flight survey. 

Therefore, the flights are generally exempt from night flight restrictions. Measuring the ILS at regular intervals is prescribed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)


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