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Colloquium for Interested Parties scheduled

Published: 09 January 2024, 11:00

The second Colloquium for Interested Parties for the ongoing two-tier concept tender process for part 1 of the HORIZN BER CITY district will take place on Wednesday, 17 January 2024. The airport operating company cordially invites any interested parties to participate in the concept tender process and to ask any specialist questions they may have about said process in the framework of the online meeting. Participation is limited to those interested parties who have actively registered to participate in the tender using the State of Berlin tenders platform


Two-tier concept tender process as per the German Act on the Award of Concessions Contracts

The airport operating company is blazing the trail as regards realization of part 1 of the HORIZN BER CITY district – by opting for a concept tender process. The objective is to create space for innovation, daring solutions, and dynamic development processes in order to work together to find sustainable solutions for the district. For this reason, the focus is more on the content of the concepts to be submitted and less on the scale of the ground rent. Transparently defined framework conditions and evaluation standards across the sub-concepts of design, use, sustainability, and mobility as defined in the tender documents provide clarity and ensure comprehensibility for all participants. 


The process kicks off with a market dialogue integrated into the first tender phase. During this period, interested bidders can download the tender documents and form bidding joint ventures. Both the Colloquium for Interested Parties, which gives interested parties the opportunity to ask substantive questions, and the Market Place of Ideas, where participants will be given a platform to get to know partners for bidding joint ventures, form strong elements of this phase. Participation is limited to those interested parties who have actively registered on the State of Berlin tenders platform to participate in the tender. 

“We are pleased to invite project developers, investors, and companies to participate in the tender process; the deadline is 9 April 2024.”

Ilona Koch, Director Commercial and Real Estate Management


The deadline for submission of applications to qualify for the tender is 12 noon on 9 April 2024. After that date, participation in the process is no longer possible.

The market dialogue has deliberately been given an open format in order to encourage project participants to remain in active contact. Corporations and institutions that realize districts are explicitly encouraged to on-board institutional investors, potential operating companies, and future users. The airport operating company’s express wish is to attract applicant and bidder joint ventures. It believes this tender methodology will result in innovative and economically stable concepts. 

Information for investors
Additional in-depth information as well as a recording of the information event on the concept tender process can be found on the project website.

The airport operating company recommends that interested parties register on the tenders platform. This ensures they will be constantly updated when any supplementary information becomes available.

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