Sustainable forest restructuring in Blankenfelde-Mahlow
Close-up of the planting of a tree

Sustainable forest restructuring in Blankenfelde-Mahlow

Published: 19 March 2024, 07:35

BER and Eurowings employees plant trees in the airport region

Airport company (FBB) and Eurowings employees laid the foundations for the development of a mixed deciduous woodland in Blankenfelde as part of a corporate volunteering programme

More than 40 FBB employees and 35 Eurowings employees planted various young. BER and Eurowings employees’ shared commitment is organised in cooperation with the Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. nature organisation (LPV). The newly planted trees extend the LPV’s forest in Blankenfelde. A total of 2,400 additional deciduous trees will be planted for the gradual transformation of the forest. Once the plants have taken root and start to grow, the forest will become more resilient and can provide a home for more species.

Blankenfelde is located in close proximity to BER Airport. The forest covers an area of around eleven hectares and is predominantly covered with pine trees – like around 70 percent of all forests in Brandenburg. In earlier times, this monoculture enabled simple and mechanical management and timber harvesting. However, it only provides a habitat for a few species. This is why the LPV has long been attempting to increase biodiversity in the forest through smaller-scale initiatives. Today, the sustainable restructuring of the forest was driven forward for the first time as part of a big campaign.

FBB has been involved with its company-wide corporate volunteering programme in the airport region since 2014.  Employees support various projects by lending a hand while at the same time broadening their horizons outside the workplace.


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