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FBB aircraft noise measurement trailer

FBB’s mobile aircraft noise measurement

April 2024

Published: 21 March 2024, 10:55

Mobile measuring stations

in Thyrow and Schiaß in April

FBB's mobile measurements will take place in April in Thyrow (von Achenbach Straße) and Schiaß (on the outskirts of the town). In Thyrow, mainly take-offs from the southern runway to the west and to the east (Hoffmann curve) can be measured. In Schiaß, it is mainly landings on the southern runway in an easterly direction that are recorded. The live measurement data can be viewed using the TRAVIS service:  


The results of the aircraft noise measurements are expected to be available from the end of June 2024 as part of a several-page monitoring report on the airport company’s website. There you will also find the analyses of the measurements from previous months as well as an overview of the mobile measurements planned for the coming months:



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