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‘Your dream of flying’

Published: 31 May 2024, 16:06

Whether it was a colourful zeppelin, a decorated rocket or a shimmering UFO - in this year's ‘Your dream of flying’ ideas competition, the children from the participating kindergartens in the administrative district (Landkreis) of Dahme Spreewald once again gave their imaginations free rein. For the third time, the Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency invited kindergartens to submit their creative handicrafts in honour of the ILA. Yesterday, the three winning kindergartens received their prizes at BER airport.

Aletta von Massenbach, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, and Sven Herzberger, Chief Councillor of the administrative district (Landkreis) of Dahme Spreewald, joined Dr Karsten Mühlenfeld, President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance, and Gerhard Janßen, Managing Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Dahme-Spreewald, to honour the winners. After the award ceremony, the children had the opportunity to see the planes up close and dive into the world of aviation from the visitors' terrace.

‘I speak for all the jury members when I say that it was very difficult for us to select the winners. The many submissions from daycare centres throughout the Dahme-Spreewald district have impressively demonstrated the wealth of ideas in the children,’ said Aletta von Massenbach, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH.

As in the previous year, the four-member jury was particularly impressed by the submission from the ‘Steinbergwichtel’ kindergarten in Königs Wusterhausen. The children demonstrated great creativity with their ‘flying kindergarten’, which can be shrunk with the help of the enclosed shrink radiator. The supplementary presentation also documents the development process in photographs, from the initial brainstorming to the planning and realisation.

‘Their own flying kindergarten in miniature format - the children have shown great attention to detail with this realisation. I am impressed by the skill and obvious enthusiasm with which the children have realised their idea. I would like to congratulate the Steinbergwichtel kindergarten on winning first place in the ‘Your dream of flying’ 2024 ideas competition,’ said Chief Councillor of the administrative district (Landkreis) of Dahme Spreewald, Sven Herzberger, congratulating the winners.

Second place went to the ‘Dahmeblick’ kindergarten from Märkisch Buchholz with a solar-powered zeppelin, which was designed by the participating children to fly silently and with low emissions on its way to the mountains. Third place went to ‘Gänseblümchen’ kindergarten from Schönefeld with its ‘Ferne Welten 1001’ research space station, which was inspired by the children's previous visit to the planetarium.

‘We wrote to almost 100 kindergartens from Dahme-Spreewald. 15 of them took part in the competition and brought their visions of flying to life. We would like to congratulate them and are delighted with the children's passionate commitment! They might already be the budding aviation engineers of tomorrow, who will soon be helping to shape the future of aviation in the Berlin-Brandenburg region,’ says Gerhard Janßen, Managing Director of the Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency.

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