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Published: 22 June 2021, 05:55 PM

Summer travel leads to a further increase in passenger numbers / Advice on safe flying in the age of corona

The summer holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg begin this week. This means that the number of passengers at Berlin Brandenburg Airport will increase noticeably. With the beginning of the summer holidays, between 30,000 and 40,000 passengers are expected every day. On the classic holiday travel days of Friday and Sunday, passenger volumes can even increase to 50,000 passengers a day. Although this is significantly less summer travel than in 2019 with up to 120,000 passengers on peak days, it is significantly more than in 2020 when around 30,000 passengers were counted on the main travel days.

Destinations from Berlin

The positive trend can also be seen in the range of destinations. In July and August around 70 airlines will fly to more than 160 destinations in 50 countries. This means that the flight schedule from Berlin almost reaches the level of the 2019 summer flight schedule, when 86 airlines headed for 183 destinations in 57 countries. However, not all routes are served with the same density. Popular holiday destinations in Europe in particular benefit from the opening and relaxation of travel restrictions. With Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy, travellers are particularly focussed on travel destinations in the Mediterranean region.

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH:

“More and more people are now fulfilling their vacation dreams outside of Germany. With the start of the summer holidays, many passengers will fly from, to and via BER for the first time. The first summer of travel from our new airport is also very special to us. We will do our best to make the first big vacation trip from BER as uncomplicated and pleasant as possible. We ask our passengers to do their part to prepare for their flight in the best possible way, to plan enough time and to adhere to the AHA rules.”

Food and retail options

With the increase in air traffic at BER Airport, the range of restaurants and shops is increasing. In the marketplace as well as in the food court, significantly more restaurants and shops have opened for passengers. Additional dining options are available in the main pier and in the transition to the north and south piers. The seating in the restaurant can be used again in compliance with the current hygiene regulations in the terminal. The opening times are still partially limited, meaning that they are based on the flight times. With the further increase in flight operations over the course of the summer, further offers will follow.

The most important travel advice for passengers

As some processes at the airport take significantly longer in compliance with the new distance and hygiene rules, passengers are asked to prepare well before departure and to plan at least two hours before the flight at the airport.

Before arriving at the airport

  • Inform yourselves in good time about the travel conditions and entry regulations of the destination country (due to the ongoing global infection rate, there may be changes in the destination countries and/or in the flight plan of the respective airline.)
  • Check flight status with the airline
  • Check travel documents
  • If necessary, carry out the necessary corona test in the specified period
  • Pack properly - only one piece of hand luggage per passenger

At the airport

  • Arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure
  • Keep your distance from other travellers
  • Wear a medical face mask in the terminal (also in the catering and shopping areas)
  • Go through security immediately after checking in and dropping off your baggage
  • Pick-ups should wait in front of the terminal

Flying safely under corona restrictions - measures at the airport

With numerous measures at the security controls and during boarding, the airport company ensures that passengers at BER can take their flight safely even under corona conditions and that the applicable distance and hygiene rules can be complied with:

  • Plexiglass separating panes at check-in and boarding counters as well as at security and passport control
  • Distance marks on the floor
  • Contactless dispensers for hand disinfection as well as tissue dispensers in the areas of the self-check-in counter
  • Announcements and information about the AHA rules on the monitors
  • Enough buses for the transport to and from the aircraft, so that each bus is only about half occupied. Travelers are asked not to all board the first waiting bus in order to ensure maximum capacity.

Contact and online services

Passenger information staff provide assistance around the clock at the airport and by telephone at the local rate on +49 30 6091 6091 0. Passengers can also obtain service information and additional travel information from and

Additional information

Flying safely under corona conditions

BDL/DRV checklist for vacation trips in the age of corona

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