Lights in front of BER Tower
Lights in front of BER Tower

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Air cargo in Berlin

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The capital region is well on its way to becoming one of the most important aviation locations in Europe. Berlin is considered Germany's start-up stronghold (e.g. Zalando, Sennder, Flixbus) and is an internationally attractive and sought-after business and technology location (Siemens, GE, Alstom, Bayer, Takeda, BMW, Tesla, Rolls-Royce, MTU, etc.).

Distribution of land and air cargo

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In recent years, around 90,000 tons of air freight p.a. have already been handled in Berlin, with around 

  • 50% was carried by air and
  • a further 50% was additionally handled by airlines and freight forwarders via the air freight facilities in Berlin as air freight by truck to the airlines' European hubs, because either the destination is not yet served at BER or the freight is too large for the type of aircraft used.
Land Cargo Air Cargo

· Airline trucking (RFS) 

· Forwarder trucking (Consol) 

· Shipper direct delivery

· Belly-load

· Express services

· Overnight airmail

· Charter

Total: 46,000 tons 

Total: 44,000 tons 

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Long-haul potential

Long haul routes from BER
Graphic unserved routes

In a catchment area of three hours by car around Berlin, around 100,000 tons of airfreight exports are transported annually, mainly by truck, to the airlines' European hubs, which represents the potential for further non-stop long-haul flights from Berlin. 

Today, more than 50% of all air cargo exports go to Asian destinations. Due to shorter flight distances compared to airports located further west in Europe, air freight can be distributed more cost-effectively by truck to/from Europe via Berlin. 

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