Meadow in front of Terminal 1
Meadow in front of Terminal 1


Aircraft takes off at BER

Amongst individuals and businesses the past few decades have seen a growing desire for more mobility. Over the past years in particular, the aviation industry has reported steep growth rates. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has set itself the goal of decoupling resource consumption at the airport from the growth in air traffic through savings and the use of innovative technologies.

In light of the complex challenges we face, isolated individual measures are not sufficient to achieve this goal. Environmental and climate protection are therefore central management tasks that are appropriately taken into account in all planning and processes within the company. The management has underlined the importance of this topic in the company-wide environmental and energy guidelines.

An environmental and energy management system ensures the optimal networking and control of environmentally relevant operating processes. The company has set itself the goal of reducing negative impacts on the environment, mitigating risks, and increasing legal certainty. FBB wants to further increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Energy management provides important stimuli for the company on its way to becoming a green airport.