Meadow in front of Terminal 1
Meadow in front of Terminal 1

Green spaces and
Airport Landscape

Green space at BER

Green spaces at BER

Landscape aesthetics and ecological value played a central role in the design of the new green spaces on the grounds of the airport. Thus, in the area known as the “Midfield Garden” to the east of the terminal, a typical Marchian landscape with sand dunes and pine trees is being created. The connecting axes in the representative area of the Airport City are lined by the lime tree avenue typical of the Marchian region. In total, more than 1,300 trees were planted on the airport grounds. These shape the structure of the area and make an important contribution to the micro-climate at the airport.

Airport Landscape Park

Berlin Brandenburg Airport brings new jobs, attractive destinations, and an economic upswing. However, air traffic also represents a burden for residents, especially those in the immediate vicinity of the airport. The airport is aware of its responsibility. The airport has already compensated for unavoidable impacts on nature with numerous measures in the airport surroundings. These stretch around the airport like a green ribbon. Almost lost estate parks have been restored and attractive new green spaces have been created, thereby providing recreational areas for residents in the vicinity of the airport and ecologically valuable habitats for wildlife.


International Environmental Workcamp

Since 2005, the “International work camp” has taken place every year with the support of the airport company. Youths from different countries live together in Rangsdorf for three weeks and work in the Zülowniederung and at Lake Rangsdorf for nature conservation, landscape preservation, and the promotion of environmental education. Since the first camp, 130 youths from 29 countries have become involved. In addition to the commitment to the environment, the annual camp focuses on international understanding and tolerance in dealing with other cultures.


Historic manor park Gutspark Dahlewitz

During the renovation of “Gutspark Dahlewitz”, particular attention was paid to cultural–historical and ecological aspects. The overgrown estate park was restored according to historical plans. The original relationship of the paths to each other was brought back to life over 1.8 km, the pond/ditch system was revitalised, four bridges were built according to historical models, and new meadow areas were created.

Großziethen Recreation Park

Großziethen Recreation Park

GThe Großziethen recreation area makes up a large part of the green belt around the airport. Situated not far from the high-rises of Gropiusstadt and the Thermometersiedlung, it is oriented towards the Berlin wall path and the cycle paths of the communities. In addition to the planting of hedges along the cycle paths and on the former sewage fields, several parks were extensively upgraded. These include the 2.5-hectare “Gutspark Großziethen” as well as the parks “Am Vogelwäldchen”, “Am Dörferblick”, and “In den Gehren”. The new recreation areas invite residents of Berliner and Brandenburg to relax and linger.

The Zülowniederung lowlands

The Zülowniederung lowlands

Landscape development and ecological enhancement in the Zülowniederung is the largest single project of the compensation and replacement measures. The approximately 2,600 h open lowland landscape lies south of the airport between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf, and Groß Machnow/Rangsdorf. The aim of the upgrading is to improve the living conditions for the flora and fauna and to increase the experience value of the Zuelowniederung. In 2011, the planning approval for the planned implementation was granted. A start can now be made on noticeably improving the living conditions in the Zülowniederung through a multitude of interlinked measures.


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