Meadow in front of Terminal 1
Meadow in front of Terminal 1

Environmental and
Energy Guidelines

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Our aim is to guide and shape the dynamic growth of air traffic in the region around Germany’s capital city in a responsible manner to minimise its impact on local residents and employees, the environment and the climate.

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) has an Environmental and Energy Management System that aims to continually reduce the negative impact of operational activities on the environment and the climate while at the same time constantly improving energy efficiency. Modern systems, procedures and the clear definition of responsibilities and processes ensure that exceptionally high environmental standards are adhered to throughout the company.

Environmental and Climate Protection as corporate targets

We view environmental and climate protection as cross-functional tasks to which all the company’s employees make a contribution in their specific sphere of work and responsibility. The Board of Management and all executives have set environment and climate protection as key strategic goals. Any potential negative impacts of corporate or strategic decisions on the environment or the climate are considered in the basic evaluation and preliminary planning stage and measures are taken to avoid them. Full compliance is ensured with all legislation pertaining to environmental protection and official regulations, and where possible these standards are exceeded.

Ongoing improvement of our environmental performance and energy efficiency

By bringing together the most advanced technology, optimised operational management and environmentally-conscious user behaviour, we are constantly reducing the amount of energy and resources we consume. We have set fixed goals to enable us to reduce our consumption of energy and resources and minimise the negative impact of our operations on the environment. We continually monitor, audit and document the environmental impact of our operations and our consumption of energy and resources. We take prompt action if compliance with our strict environmental and energy goals is jeopardised.

Raising environmental awareness and including our business partners

We work to inform and train our employees to have a high awareness of the environment and climate protection while carrying out their duties. Airlines, service companies and other business partners are fully included in our Environmental and Energy Management System.

Information and dialogue

We actively seek an open and objective dialogue with the airport’s many different stakeholders. We regularly inform the general public about the impact of our operations on the environment and our efforts to protect the environment and the climate.